Gas Prices Hurting The Wallet

by Joe on March 3, 2012

With the gas prices going up almost each day, it’s obviously having a pinch in most people’s wallet and affecting household budgets.  While we may not like this, it’s beyond the control of the ordinary person who has to bear the cost of what is causing this increase in the gas prices at the pump. Here are some few tips that could help you minimize the effect of the rising gas price.

Tips to minimize effect of rising gas prices

Car Pool
We all love our own convenience, and there is a cost we have to pay for this convenience. Driving your own car not only provide you with this kind of convenience but also privacy, and freedom. But to save some money on the pump carpooling can really help. If you and your spouse work in the same vicinity, and have close working hours, why not use one car instead of two?

Use HOV lane
In places where this (High Occupancy Lane) is available, and you are carpooling, use this lane as it will save you time in traffic. You save gas and you save time, and life is good.

Use public transport
In places where public transport is accessible, use of public transport is more cheaper than using your own vehicle to commute to work/school or wherever else. If this mode of transport is available where you live, it could save you some money.

Avoid unnecessary trips
Better planned trips will ensure that you are not just running around, but accomplishing something. If you want to go grocery shopping, see what else you can do while out there, that would cut an extra trip out once you get back home.

Keep a well maintained vehicle.
A well maintained car will give you the best gas mileage possible. Ensure that you keep all tires at the recommended pressure, do oil change at the recommended mileage, and perform the recommended engine maintenance. Even a new car that is not maintained will deteriorate in the gas mileage.

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