Living in apartment homes? How to save

by Joe on January 11, 2010

Living in the apartment homes is always convenient for some people, and it might not be the best option for others. In the apartment homes, there is no lawn to maintain and if there are maintenance issues you just dial the ‘1800maintain’ number and the handy man shows up and fixes it for you at no extra cost (in many cases) because it is included in your monthly rent payment..
When considering living in an apartment home, here are some things to consider that can get you more bang for your bucks

Rent to newer homes- living in most recent built apartment homes will cut most of your energy bill since they still have solid insulations, new HVAC systems and other newer appliances. The flipside to this is the monthly rent will usually be higher on these newer apartment homes.

Proximity- living in close location to places like work, shopping church, school and other necessary amenities can translate into some huge gas savings in the long term.

Shopping- a habit that i know can be expensive is how you shop even for grocery. The more trips we make to do grocery shopping the more we spend. If you decide what you need at the beginning of the month in terms o grocery and just do a one big shopping you will notice the difference it makes. If you multiply this by twelve months, you will notice what a difference it make.

A room-mate- Some people cannot stand the idea of room-mates, they like their space, and their privacy. However, having a room-mate(s) will cut your monthly rental bill by fifty percent if not more. Whatever your rental bill is, do the math and see what a difference it make if you get a room-mate.

Understand the rental agreement. Before you sign the rental agreement for these apartment homes, understand what is covered by your rental payment. Some units provide all inclusive water and sewer in your monthly rental bill but most of them don’t. Ask how they calculate your water bill and sewer bill if you do not have an account with the local utilities company.

Use the move-in Special offers- Most apartment units float these special offers that can range from a free month to some few hundred buck off your first rental bill.

There are other people who rent in a basement of a big house, or rent a single family home. On top of the above mentioned tips here are some more that can translate into some huge savings on your rent.
• Negotiate for lower rent
• Offer to take care of the lawn in exchange for lower rent
• Negotiate for an all inclusive rent package (water,  sewer, power, cable)
Learn each day to rely on God for wisdom and provision.
And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.(Philippians 4:19 -Amplified Bible)

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