Find a Bargain Deal.

by Joe on August 27, 2013

Find a Bargain Deal.

Living frugal doesn’t necessarily mean leaving cheap. One way of enjoying the expensive goodies but paying less for them, is an art called bargain. Developing the skill to locate bargain and savings deals is a critical skill for living frugal and especially if you are getting out of debt.

Last year I bought a pair of shoe from a local thrift store. The shoe by appearance was in perfect condition, may be worn not more than ten times. I tried it on and it was very comfortable for a business casual, and for someone who walks a lot during the day.

I paid four dollars, and then went home and showed it to my wife Esther. I wore it to work a week later and it surpassed every ounce of my expectation. The comfort, the feel and the look was amazing. I therefore decided I needed couple of pairs like this, so I went o- line to check the shoe brand with the hope that I could get a deal for a pair or two. I was shocked to see listing on a new pair of over a hundred and fifty dollars for a new pair. I knew then I had struck a bargain when I bought that pair of shoe.

Where do you find your bargains?

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