Things To Consider Before Buying Electronics.

by Joe on February 11, 2010

 Most of the electronics gadgets are technology driven. This means that because of the technology revolution and change, today’s technology will possibly be obsolete in less than a decade. Before you invest in that electronic gadget that you have been planning to buy, answer some of these questions, bearing in mind that the way you answer can translate into money savings

Buyers Checklist

  1. How much am i willing to spend on this dream gadget?
  2. Do I really need this gadget? – Avoid being carried away by the hype of a new release.  Shopping for Electronics
  3. What features of this gadget must i have? – In other words, what is your bare minimum specification?
  4. How soon will the technology that drives my dream gadget change? – If you are not into these Hi-tech gadget things ask a friend who can genuinely advise.
  5. What kinds of warranties are available for your dream gadget?
  6. What are others saying about this new gadget? – Have you read the product reviews?

 Hi-tech gadgets can be expensive. Therefore do your research before committing your money, always invest in quality gadgets and do not be an impulse buyer.

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Financialbondage February 13, 2010 at 2:48 pm

The retail markup on this stuff is high too I think. Could you buy it slightly used, a few months old and save money? Next time I’m in the market for a stereo I’m looking for a deal used.


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