10 ways to save money

by Joe on October 16, 2009

Joseph- kdoff
Carry Packed lunch to work-: For a decent lunch meal, I spend about$7.65 a day. This translates into $38.25 a week enough to buy healthy groceries for two people that will last for two weeks. Do the math!!

Make automatic payments-: We noticed a significant drop on interest rates for some of our student loan accounts when we signed up for automatic payment. This can turn into a lot of savings in the long run.

Eat home cooked meals-: It’s ok to eat out once in a while, but don’t make it a habit especially if you are on a plan to get out of debt. Both my wife and i enjoy cooking and eating at home, and we use that time to bond after a long day at work.(Men! helping in the kitchen will earn you some brownie points-unless you’ve been banned from going in the kitchen).

Clean out your freezer before you go groceries shopping-: We realized that if we used up all the food we have stored in the freezer, we can go for another month without going to the grocery store except to buy bread, milk, and such consumables.

Use ceiling fans & adjust properly when seasons change: I saw this one on TV from local a electric company: during summer season, your ceiling fan should be turning anti-clockwise, and during winter season adjust it so it turns clockwise.

Use Space heater-: When you have no guests at home during winter, It makes no sense heating an entire house while all you need is the heat for the room you are in- (based on the size of your family).

Swap your light bulbs with CFLs to save energy: Compact fluorescent lights use about a quarter of the electricity of normal light bulbs. They also need less replacement.

Get rid of junks-: Go through your closet get the clothes, shoes, and all that ‘junk’ that you no longer use, or that no longer fit you. Arrange for a yard sale or sell them on craigslist or e-Bay. You can even donate them, and you will not only be saving money, but saving lives as well.

Do not get in debt-: This is the greatest saving you can give yourself.

Pray about it-: I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I will not promise that you will melt your debt away by praying over it; (if that was possible happen I would have been debt free long time ago) but I can tell you that when you ask God for wisdom, He “gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to… you”. (James 1:5) He is a good father.

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