Pre-Marital Money Questions

by Joe on March 22, 2010

Before we got married almost two years now, we had a vague idea of our finances and the direction we would take once we were married. Thankfully for us, we were required to take Financial Peace University Series by Dave Ramsey as part of our pre-marital financial counseling. These series really put a lot of financial facts in perspective for us. In particular, we were able to recognize, and understand the immense amount of debt that we were bringing into our union. But we also got a new vision- to get out of debt, and we believe that it was one of the best wedding gifts that we received. However, when i speak to recently married couples, majority of them say that all they talked about moneyPre marital money questions during pre-marital counseling, was, having a joint account.  I have compiled some questions for married couples and couples planning to get married that they can use to start a conversation about money.

Print a copy and answer separately, then discuss your answers together.

  1. What is your general money philosophy? _________________________________________________________
  2. How often did you talk about money growing up? _________________________________________________________
  3. Are you a saver or spender? _________________________________________________________
  4. How much debt do you have?( credit cards, student loans, hospital bills, car notes, mortgage, borrowed from friends & family miscellaneous debts) _________________________________________________________
  5. What are your thoughts on credit cards?_________________________________________________________
  6. Do you know your credit scores?_________________________________________________________
  7. What are the assets that you own if any?_________________________________________________________
  8. Do you have a budget? _________________________________________________________
  9. How do you track spending? _________________________________________________________
  10. Do you tithe 10% of your income? _________________________________________________________
  11. Do you give to any charity? _________________________________________________________
  12. When we get married should we have a joint bank account or separate accounts or both? _________________________________________________________
  13. Who will be responsible for making sure that our bills are paid on time? _________________________________________________________
  14. How often do you go for vacation?_________________________________________________________
  15. What are your longterm  financial goals? _________________________________________________________
  16. What are your thoughts for purchasing a home? _________________________________________________________
  17. Do you want to have children? _________________________________________________________
  18. If we decide we do, how many children do you want to have? _________________________________________________________
  19. Will one of us stay home after we have children? _________________________________________________________
  20. What is your view of starting a business _________________________________________________________
  21. Have you been a cosigner for any one?_________________________________________________________
  22. What are your thoughts for cosigning?_________________________________________________________
  23. What is your understanding of stewardship?_________________________________________________________
  24. What are your thoughts about life insurance?_________________________________________________________

Share other money items that you discussed or want to discuss.
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Lakita (PFJourney) March 22, 2010 at 7:26 am

Wow…required to take FPU…that’s awesome. I don’t hear about too many counseling sessions that deal with finances and since that is the source of a lot of friction it makes sense to be addressed.

Great quiz!


Joe March 22, 2010 at 5:41 pm

So true Lakita! it’s frightening that people are counseled into marriage without a mention of the number one marriage breaker! We will be forever grateful for having been introduced to FPU before we got married.


Peter March 31, 2010 at 11:27 am

I think a required FPU session is an awesome idea. So many couples go into marriage with different ideas about how to manage money, budgeting and so forth. Getting them on the same page before they’re even married would be huge!


Joe April 1, 2010 at 2:59 pm

I totally agree peter. we are have different ideas and even preferences on issues. Money management in marriage should be empasized more.


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