The Misery of Debt

by Joe on December 4, 2009

I was thinking on what to write today and my mind just went blank, so i decided to put my thoughts into a poem. The intent is to redicule the items that makes most people get into debt or stay in debt.

If only I knew! How much I would have to pay for the brand new BMW,
I would have bought a used car, and saved up my bucks,
But wanted to show off, I can afford it anyway!
Then I had a car wreck, while driving under influence,
My ride is in “repo”, while my account is in collection,

If only I knew! That money can cost a marriage,
I would have listened to my wife, constant begging to talk about it,
But I thought she was nagging, and I am an accountant anyway,
Till divorce papers we laid out, and it finally dawned on me,
My life is now shattered; I wish I can start over!

If only I knew! That student loans are not freebies,
I would have taken a job, possibly even change schools,
But everybody was getting it, and they gave it to me anyway,
Till they garnished my wage, I thought I could slide by,
What was I thinking, or was I thinking!

If only I knew! That the going gets really tough,
I would have stashed some savings, into my emergency fund,
But I was cool and care free and everybody liked me anyway,
Then i got laid off without a severance pay,
My friends are all gone, and am lonely under the bridge,

If only I knew! That credit card money is not my money,
May be would have paid it in cash, or paid the balances off,
But the deals were pretty enticing, and who could decline a zero percent?
Then they changed the terms, and all hell broke loose,
My FICO score is at the bottom, and they won’t loan me anything.

If only I knew! That you had made the same mistake before!
I would have asked for advice, before I closed the deal,
But thought I was smart, and I’ve got it all figured out,
Till they fore- closed on my home, and kicked my kids into the cold,
My family is in the shelter, how I wish I can alter.

You have a chance to change your circumstance

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Danny December 7, 2009 at 9:48 am

I like this poem.. it is simple but a powerful illustration of the depth of debt.


Esta January 7, 2010 at 9:33 pm

Wow nice, all true. Am guilty but on the road to recovery one step at a time.


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