The Little Steps to Debt Free Life

by Joe on June 20, 2012

Today as i was going through my journal,  i noticed a quote i had written to myself earlier this year. “While the bigger things matters, it’s the little things that are the building blocks to the bigger things that matter most.” I thought this was very telling and  is indeed very applicable to personal finance for any individual like me trying to get out of debt.  Notice that everyone “little things” & “big things” will be different, but it’s certainly encouraging to know that the small steps taken,  are leading to a journey of financial freedom.

Here are some things for consideration

The “Little Things”

  • Paying bills on time
  • Creating and living on a budget
  • Getting a list of all debts
  • Setting aside 1000 Emergency fund for the rainy day
  • Setting and achieving monthly goals
  • Paying off small debts
  • Tithing 10%

The “Bigger Things”

  • Pay off all soft debts including mortgage & student loans
  • Put together a long term financial plan
  • Max out the retirement Investment
  • Invest in college funds for kids
  • Start a business debt free

Remember, if you cannot be entrusted with little things,  then the bigger things will not come your way. This is a  fundamental life principle, and indeed a biblical principle (Like 16:10)

What are your “Little things” or “Big things”?

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