Shopping Shopping and more Shopping!!

by Joe on December 1, 2009

Obviously, the American economy is consumer driven, and more people in the shopping malls means more jobs, and stable economy (may-be), and if i was a store owner, i would love to see lots and lots of customers walk in the store and buy my products. Shopping is therefore not the issue,

As you go shopping this season, there are many enticing deals in sore and online, and even  more deals are coming up for Christmas, but you have to answer the question: do you want to be back in debt in January when all these celebration season is over?

After watching Clean House for a while on TV (My wife’s current favorite show) I have gathered some common sense things to consider when going shopping:

  • Don’t buy if you don’t need it even if it cost a penny. If you stick to this rule you will control your eyes  and emotions when you go to the mall.
  • Plan ahead of time how much you will spend: Shopping sometimes can be emotional and if you have not budgeted how much you will be spending on your visit to the mall you might end up cleaning out your savings account or getting in credit card debt. On your planning, do not forget to carry as shopping list.
  • Make it a family affair: if you are married, discuss it with your spouse and children. Some families have a tradition that they carry on about shopping after thanksgiving or before Christmas, if this is you, just do it within your means and let this season bring joy and memories to cherish but not  debt regrets.
  • Do not shop to hoard – Quite a lot of people unintentionally slide into this zone where they ‘want to keep every little bit of memory in their lives’ and they turn their house and ultimately their lives into junk yards. Be wary of this mindset.
  • Share what you have with others:  This is the best time to share what you have with those who are less privileged than you are. You can share your time by volunteering to serve food in your local boys & girls club, donate to a thrift store, visit sick in the hospitals and the list goes on. And borrowing from a popular quote “to the world you may just be one person but you can be the world to one person” this season.
  • Oh! and enjoy your shopping experience.

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