Managing The Cable Bills

July 21, 2012

Tweet If you watch regularly TV, you have probably seen the commercial for the satellite TV that goes like this… When Cable Company keeps you on hold, you get angry. When you get angry, you go blow off steam. When you blow off steam, accidents happen When accidents happen you get an eye patch. When […]

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The Little Steps to Debt Free Life

June 20, 2012

Tweet Today as i was going through my journal,  i noticed a quote i had written to myself earlier this year. “While the bigger things matters, it’s the little things that are the building blocks to the bigger things that matter most.” I thought this was very telling and  is indeed very applicable to personal finance for […]

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Becoming a Good Financial Steward

April 23, 2012

Tweet Financial Stewardship is a discipline and a virtue that all of us should exercise. According to meridian dictionary, stewardship is “conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care” I will break down the elements described in this definition; hopefully at the end, we will […]

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Gas Prices Hurting The Wallet

March 3, 2012

Tweet With the gas prices going up almost each day, it’s obviously having a pinch in most people’s wallet and affecting household budgets.  While we may not like this, it’s beyond the control of the ordinary person who has to bear the cost of what is causing this increase in the gas prices at the […]

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The Five Shortcuts That Will Lead to Financial Misery

February 13, 2012

Tweet As i was browsing the internet this morning, my eyes caught the attention of a personal finance title with the heading “The 5 Dumbest Things You Can Do if You Have too Much Debt”, and clicked to read the article. I thought that the article highlighted some very important points that anyone who is […]

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Taking A Household Financial Inventory

December 27, 2011

Tweet We trust that you had a joyous Christmas holiday with family and friends – or however you spent the holiday. This has been a busy year for most people especially in financial blogspere. Here at kick debt off, we have been on down low – on the blogsphere but pretty busy at home. We […]

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Basic Customers and Consumer Rights

July 28, 2011

Tweet As we continue to look at customer and consumer service, it’s  important to know that you as a consumer are entitled to some rights that form the foundation of fairness in the marketplace. These rights are outlined below as described on consumers international.  The right to be heard – When a customer has a legitimate […]

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