My Tithing Struggles

by Joe on February 17, 2010

Having been raised in a Christian family, i was taught about giving and tithing ten percent of all allowances received.  This was reinforced in church and school as years went by. While this was good in all manner and form, it left me with a constant sense of guilt whenever i went to church without an offering.  To cover my guilt, i would divide my tithe up so that there is something left for the next time attended church. This seemed to make me feel better and appear as a ‘giver’, because i had something to give every Sunday. In fact, this arrangement ‘worked so well’ that it blocked my mind from understanding the real meaning of cheerful giving even though i would read that scripture again and again.Tithers only

One Saturday morning a few years ago, as i studied the book ‘Your Money Matters’ by Howard Dayton, i got the real understanding that God sees the motives and that is what matters most. The guilt of Sunday offering was lifted and i experienced a real sense of freedom.

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Financialbondage February 17, 2010 at 10:15 am

You are not alone, I’ve had guilt issues also. Also, a few weeks ago, Satan has been telling me that I don’t need to tithe. After all, less than 3% of Christians do it. So why should I? So far Satan is losing. I am still tithing.


Joe February 17, 2010 at 4:36 pm

@Financialbondage- Setting the tithe as an item on our budget has been very very helpful.


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