Managing The Cable Bills

by Joe on July 21, 2012

If you watch regularly TV, you have probably seen the commercial for the satellite TV that goes like this…

When Cable Company keeps you on hold, you get angry.
When you get angry, you go blow off steam.
When you blow off steam, accidents happen
When accidents happen you get an eye patch.
When you get an eye patch, people think you are tough
When people think you are tough, people want to see how tough.
When people want to see how tough, you wake up in a roadside ditch…

They have several flavors of this commercial which I think is hilarious, but the point of bringing this up is as a result of a conversation I had this week with a colleague who mentioned that his cable bill is around $200.00 a month. Seriously! Do you even have the time to sit down and watch television for that much? I couldn’t figure why anyone would pay that much for cable but,  he broke it down, expanded cable, premium TV channels, digital recorders in 4 rooms etc. etc.

 My mind could not wrap around the idea of how you can justify paying that amount of money judt for cable TV, but my friend thinks he needs it. So I told him my story. I pay $50.00 per month for Internet & Basic cable, I subscribe to Netflix for movies and baby stuff for $7.95. I can record a favorite show on External Drive or watch past episodes on

For people getting out of debt, paying $200.00 for cable in my opinion is a stretch. Find ways you can trim the cable bill and use the extra money you save to pay off some debt.

Would love to hear how you manage your cable bills?

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