Home School or Private School?

by Joe on March 17, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about homeschooling – the financial aspects of it, but i could not stop thinking about the subject. I wondered why i would home school a child if private school is an option. I realize that these kind of debate makes prospective parents think that children are really expensive. Thanks to Jason and Lakita for putting it all in perspective today.

don’t ever let the cost of having a child keep you from having a child. You’ll never be ready if that’s the case.

I also realize that my current views on this subject will likely change when we become parents. Nonetheless, here are some few comparisons of private and homeschool aspects based on what i have heard and read about this subject.

Factors Private school Home school
High discipline Yes Yes
Very costly Yes  
One on one training   Yes
Aadvance to next grade faster   Yes
High college admission records Yes Yes
High security\safety standards Yes Yes
High peer pressure Yes  
Child feeling isolated   Yes


 These aspects both positive and negative almost balance out. For parents or relatives out there who have waked either path what motivated you?

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Quinn March 17, 2010 at 7:53 pm

We have done all 3 options for school at various seasons; public for 7 months, private for 4.5 years and now in our first year of homeschooling. All 3 have required some type of sacrifice at some point, some worth the sacrifice, some not at all. These were personal convictions for us, but felt public required us to sacrifice our values not only for faith reasons, but personal character, and educational standards that were not what we approved of. We then made a move to private, which required a financial sacrifice. We loved the private school environment which was smaller class size (9 per class), intimate learning, faith and Godly influence from people we TRUSTED with our children as well as an aggressive standard of education. This year my husband lost his job for over 7 months, so we prayed about the decision to home-school and I am so very thankful we did. It has been a year of learning our son, watching him, observing him, having him learn to TRUST us as his teachers, spending those quiet moments with him grasping history of our nation, God’s design of an intricately detailed creation or just having a day reading great literature together. It’s been fun and memories we will never forget. It’s also required sacrifice. Sacrifice of limited down time for me, a re-arranging of schedule for me, more time planning and seeking vision for our family – from me, and the re-arranging of our whole family schedule with my husbands new job which is 3pm till 1am, making our family time in the morning hours, and his work schedule/school schedule later in our day… YES… it’s been a doozy on that side of it… BUT ALL WORTH IT! Thankful that with homeschooling, we can fit our school into any time of day!


Joe March 18, 2010 at 7:32 am

@ Quinn- Thanks for sharing your experience as a parent with the view of all school systems. I agree with you that they all come at a price/sacrifice and one has to decide which sacrifices you are willing to make.
I am glad that you are enjoying time spent, and sharing memories together as you teach your son at home… there is no price tag for that!


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