Good Customer Service

by Joe on July 23, 2011

Have you ever been treated rudely, or with indifference when you are paying for service? Ever stood on the checkout line for over ten minutes when the cashier was talking to a friend on a cell phone? Have you ever asked for help in a grocery store and you were told “i don’t work in that department”? Have you ever received a bill that was miscalculated and when you called customer service you were transferred endless times and had to repeat the story over and over? Most people would identify with these scenarios i created here, because they happen every day. In the next couple of weeks here at,  i will be writing a series about customer service and consumer rights, and will appreciate any feedback or an encounter (good or bad) that you’ve had in relation to customer service.

Recently i took my old clunker for oil change to my favorite spot (Express Oil Change) where i have been going for seven years. The service was great as usual, the technicians were courteous, they had some new faces and a lot of trainees. Being a summer Saturday, i wanted to get it done ASAP and these people know how to do just that. In less than twenty minutes, i was out of the bay and headed for the next item on my things to do list. When i parked my car that evening, i did not think or notice anything amiss. However, Monday morning i noticed that there was quite substantial amount of oil that had leaked from the oil pan, but i did not think it was a big deal. I went to work and parked on my usual parking spot. In the evening after pulling off the parking, i also noticed good amount of ‘fresh’ oil leak on the parking spot. These went on for a couple of days and i was starting to get embarrassed by the amount of oil that my clunker that i’ve been holding onto for a good while was leaving on the parking floor. On the fourth day i had to add a quart of oil because the low oil indicator was showing up on the dash board.

I took the car back to the Express Oil and told them what had happened. Although there were still lot of new faces and some trainees, they reassured me they would take care of me. They checked the oil pan and told me that the drain plug had worn out threads and wasn’t holding tight enough, and they would put a new one. They even did a fresh oil change at no cost to me. This was one outstanding customer service experience that i have had, and Express oil change will keep my service for treating me right as a royal customer.

This is a positive service but what do you do when you are not treated right? We will cover that in the next post.

So let me ask- would you pay extra for good customer service?

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