Faith & FINANCES: In God We Trust – Book Review

by Joe on May 6, 2010

I was recently approached by a book promoter to do a review of the book that is related to the subject matter that i talk about here at kickdebtoff-A Christian Perspective of Money & Debt. On Monday i posted an excerpt from the book “The investment that counts most” and today i will give my review of the book. In exchange, i got a free digital copy of the book.

Faith & FINANCES: In God We Trust, A Journey to Financial Dependence is an easy to read book written by several contributors. It is a different kind of devotional because it has a story line, yet it carries the devotional aspect but not the normal daily devotional format. At the end of every chapter the reader is provided with a place to write their thoughts in a journal format.  There are tons of biblical applications that reader can take from the book.

What I liked about the Book

  1. The non-traditional format of the devotional
  2. As mentioned earlier there are biblical applications to life that a reader can take from this book. In addition to the excerpt that I wrote on Monday this one here about seeking excellence in whatever we do stood out

We all like to feel that we’re making a difference. For many years I was employed by the headquarters of a seafood restaurant chain. Though I enjoyed my job, at times it was difficult to see that my efforts had any lasting effect. I mean, I didn’t have a significant impact on people’s lives, as those who work in the medical profession do. Nor was I feeding their souls as a minister would. No, if I worked my hardest and focused on striving for absolute excellence in my job, the best I would do is sell more fish and increase my company’s stock price.  Where’s the lasting value in that?

 Surely Joseph must have had similar thoughts. There he was, betrayed by his own brothers, then bought by a wealthy Egyptian to be a house slave. He, who was his father’s favorite and one of God’s chosen people, was working as a lowly servant for a foreigner. How much more futile could life get? Why strive for excellence when the results of your hard work would only mean success for someone who didn’t even know the Lord

 Joseph referenced above is in the bible (Genesis 37- 47)

What I did not like

  1. The flow of the content.. to me it felt inconsistent like flowing over rapids..
  2. The cover page is artistically designed,  but does not grab attention from the shelf.

It is a great easy to read non-traditional devotional.

Learn more about Faith and Finances during April and May while they tour cyberspace. To find other tour stops, visit the book promotion. For other details about the book or to get more information about Christian Devotions visit The book is for sale at: Amazon or your local book store

Disclaimer: This is purely personal review of the book and I have not been paid to do this review.  I received a free digital copy of this book.  If you order through Amazon by clicking the link above I may receive compensation.

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Nikki Leigh May 6, 2010 at 3:51 pm

Hello Joseph

Thank you very much for taking the time to read Faith and Finance and to share your review with your site visitors. Its been a pleasure to work with you.

Nikki Leigh


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