My name is Joseph married to my beautiful and precious bride Esther who i love to death. I am crazy about several things and here are some few

  • I am crazy about my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, and I do not apologize for it.
  • I am crazy about technology, usually day dreaming how the world will be in the next fifty years.. I can only imagine. That’s the reason I ended up working in Tech-industry.
  • I am crazy about enjoying g life and living each moment to the maximum.
  • I Love spending time with my wife; and trying out new things together, recipes, games and adventure….
  •  I love shooting photos of trees and landscapes; I enjoy once in a while an adrenaline rush like skydiving…
  • I Love reading Psalms and Proverbs.

As far as money, debt & finances are concerned, I hold as true that:

  • It is difficult to live your life to it’s full potential when you have a burden of debt.
  • It is difficult to be effective in service of God when you are struggling in debt.
  • God expects from us faithfulness and stewardship.
  • Debt is a yoke that can choke relationships, marriage and devastate families.

My Story
 As a young Christian couple, starting out our careers and getting ready for marriage, we knew that we needed financial counseling before we got married. Our pastor recommended taking Financial Peace University class by Dave Ramsey as a requirement for our marriage counseling.

During these series of Financial Peace University(FPU), we realized how much debt we were bringing into our marriage. We had mortgage worth of debt that came from credit cards, student loans, car notes, and other miscellaneous debts; but from these series also; we set a goal for ourselves to become debt free.  We knew it was going to be painstaking and a long process but we were in it together. We got married  and we had to deal with job search and getting into graduate school. Armed with Dave Ramsey Baby Steps, we were determined to kick this huge monster debt off our back and walk free.

We broke down the big goal into smaller goals like paying off card1, card 2…paying off car note, etc. With a total of six credit cards we immediately started the debt snowball and beginning with the least balance card we paid them one by one. We are still journeying to become debt free but we are really excited about the small victories over debt. We have paid off all the six credit cards amounting to over $15000.00, miscellaneous debts, and the car note to the tune of 8,000.00, paid up 25,000 on student loans. God has faithfully provided even tuition fee for my Graduate program.

These small victories over debt has created a positive energy to share more about money & debt on a Christian perspective with our friends, family and anybody else interested in money management and personal finance.

What is your story? Click here and share your story and how you are overcoming.