Planning a Summer Vacation

by Joe on June 12, 2014

With School going children now out of school for summer, and the summer season officially on, it’s time to plan those summer vacation. Anybody else thinking the same?

Vacations do not have to be stressful if properly planned out, and you do not have to go in debt to enjoy summer vacation with your family either.  To avoid the stress that comes with vacationing, there are things you can do if you are planning a vacation that can help relief some of the stress associated with planning a family vacation.

1. Involve the family

If this is going to be a family vacation, involve the family on all aspects of the vacation planning. Agreeing on the destination is one best decision that should be made jointly with the family. You do not want to take your family on a vacation that they do not wish to go. Vacation should me memorable based on good shared experiences not memorable based on when you coerced other to go with you where they had no desire to be.

2. Determine the vacation destination

While destination does not have to be across the continent, knowing where you want to to spend a summer vacation with family is the starting point of planning a vacation. Always remember to consider what you can do within your means and still make good memories with your family. Again, you do not have to plan a trip to Europe, or two weeks by the beach, but if these are your preference and you can afford, let it be so.

3. Work with a fixed budget

Having a fixed budget is the best decision you will make when planning a vacation. Once you have decided on your destination. You will know pretty quickly the estimates of such vacation. Save in advance for this vacation. And when you finally go, stay within the budget. Stretch the money saved to get the maximum value, and let the budget guide your spending decisions.

4. Find budget deals.

Internet has become the marketplace for all sorts of deal. Do not just buy without researching look for deals online. Look for popular sites like groupons to get some special deals on the destination of your choice. Talk to close friends about your intended vacation destination you will be surprised how you can get a best deal from a friend whose father owns a condo by the beach.

5. Enjoy the vacation

Once you go for your planned vacation, make it memorable. While we all live in a fast paced culture and are constantly getting interrupted because we have to answer to urgent calls or respond to an urgent work related email,  It’s important to  be deliberate about setting  aside time to enjoy and cherish moments with those people that matter most to you. Make memories, take lots of pictures, and unwind. The next summer is a year away. Enjoy this one while it last.

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